Investing in Infoconnect will allow you to access Infogroup’s proprietary data on 235MM individuals and 24MM businesses that can help drive growth and customer loyalty for all businesses. Register now for your free trial of Infoconnect to test drive our real-time API and have Infogroup’s high-value data at your fingertips.

Infoconnect pricing is determined by the total number of matched records you receive as well as the layout of those records (Counts, Basic, Enhanced, etc).

There are 2 main types of formats – Basic and Enhanced. Basic rate is $0.04/record and Enhanced rate is $0.20/record. Please note that pricing is the same for a Business and Consumer record unless its format is different (Basic or Enhanced). If you would like more information on our different layout types, please see our FAQ page. More details can also be found in our Terms of Use.

Customer Type

Weekly Request Cap

Minimum weekly credit card charge

Basic Response

Enhanced Response

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Credit Card – Periodic Billing

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