Retrieve details of a person by Id.

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Parameter Required Description
apikey Yes A 32-character authentication key issued during registration. This is a required parameter.
resourcetype   Specifies the representation of the resource returned in the response. See Output for a list of available values.
city   Filters by city.
email   Filters by email address.
emailsha1upper   Filters by SHA1 hashed upper case email address.
includehistoricalemail   IncludeHistoricalEmail is used to retrieve historical records. If set to true, only Basic ResourceType is valid. If used, must be true or false (default is false). This field can only be used in combination with Email or EmailSha1Upper.
firstname   Filters by primary contact's first name.
lastname   Filters by primary contact's last name.
phone   Filters by phone number.
postalcode   Filters by Postal code.
stateprovince   Filters by State or Province abbreviation.
limit   Limit specifies the number of results to return, up to 100 per request. Default is 10. Core resource type allows up to 2000.
offset Offset specifies the number of results to skip (used to page through results). Default is 0.