Match POST Match - Additional Parameters

Parameter Required Description
City See below Identifies the city to match.
Confidence   Sets the minimum score for records returned in the match results. Possible entries are 70 thru 100. Entries less than 70 or greater than 100 will return a bad request. 70 is considered a good quality match while 80-89 is better and 90-100 is best. If confidence level is not specified, default is 70.
CompanyName See below Name of the company to match. Cannot be populated if request type is 'Person'.
Country No Identifies the country for companies matches. Only needed to match against Canadian businesses: “Country”:”Canada”
Limit   Limit specifies the number of results to return, up to 100 per request (default is 5).
Name See below The name of the business or person to match. If searching for a person please enter "First Name" "space" "Last Name" (without double quotes).
Phone See below 10-Digit phone number to match.
PostalCode See below 5-digit ZIP for US match or 6-character postal code for Canada matches.
RequestId Yes User defined request id used to correlate the request with the response.
RequestType Yes Specifies the data to match against. 'Any' will search both 'Company' and 'Person'. Valid options are 'Company', 'Person' or 'Any'.
ResourceType   Identifies the layout for the response. The default value Basic returns a base layout that is valid across all Infogroup databases; the ResourceType parameter is not needed to produce this response. To get a more detailed response set the ResourceType parameter to Enhanced .
Additional ResourceTypes for a RequestType 'Person' are LifeStyle and TargetReady. Refer to the 'Company' object and the 'Person' object documentation for details on fields that are available for output.
StateProvince See below 2-character US State or Canadian Province abbreviation.
StreetAddress See below The street address to match against. Entering only a street number is valid. e.g. 1234 will return match results based on the street number.
StreetAddress2 See below Typically this will contain secondary address designators, such as Apt or STE, to match against. It can contain the street address when the StreetAddress parameter is either unused or when it is used to submit secondary address designators.

Required Parameters

  • A phone number only match request requires only a RequestType and Phone parameter.
  • A name and/or address match that can contain several combinations of parameters.
    • Either the City and StateProvince parameters or the PostalCode are required for all name and address matches. All three may be provided.
    • At least one of Name, CompanyName, StreetAddress or StreetAddress2 is required. Combinations of these parameters are allowed.
  • Phone, name and address matches can be combined into a single request. When this is done some validation is suspended. Specifically:
    • A valid Phone request combined with invalid PostalCode, City or StateProvince parameters will be processed as a valid request.
    • Likewise, a valid name or address match request will be processed as valid even if the Phone parameter is incorrect.

Output Formats

The general structure of the output consists of the following three types of collections each time a request is made.
Field Name Type Description
MatchCount Number Returns a number of matched resources with the request.
RequestId String User defined string passed in with the request that correlates this result with a particular search request. Note: This field is only present on calls made to the /multiplematch API.
Matches Object The type of collection returned is dependent on RequestType submitted along with the request.
Score Summary Object This collection will contain summary of matches for each returned Company/ Person.


Responses of Companies/ People depend on the RequestType submitted during the call.
RequestType Type Description
Common Object When the resource type is Core or Basic, both Company and Person records will be returned in this array.
Companies Company An array of matching Company object.
People Person An array of matching Person objects.


The fields listed below contain definitions for all the possible responses for each resource type requested. Fields with no values are not included in the responses so a particular response may contain fewer fields than are in this list.
Field Name Type Description
Href String Link to the record obtained. e.g. /v1/people/123456789012
RecordType String Possible values are Company, Person, or Any.
RuleName String Name of the rule that caused this record to be selected. e.g. PostalCodeFirstName
Score Integer Gets the minimum score for records returned in the match results. Possible entries are 70 thru 100.70 is considered a good quality match while 80-89 is better and 90-100 is best.