Use Cases

Explore how different clients are utilizing Infogroup’s consumer and business data. Click on the use cases below to see how specific industries are leveraging Infogroup data through Infoconnect to improve their business needs. You can also check out use cases where our data is a value added to their existing data. These solutions are just the tip of the iceberg! Need additional information on how Infoconnect can help improve your business needs? Contact us today for more information!

Enhancing your data and solution with Infogroup

Does your business need access to our consumers and business database? Do you want access to the most up to date, real time data available? Infoconnect can hook up your management system to access this data. If you are a call center and constantly have users or prospects calling, you want an easy solution for customer lookup. Infoconnect can utilize your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) method. A CRM is a management system produced by a company on how to manage interaction with future and current customers. The call center enters the caller’s information and Infoconnect provide possible matches for the caller. Results are then displayed for the call center employee to choose from. Information on the caller, such as name, address, contact information, etc. is displayed. You are easily able to interact and personalize a call with the calling customer.
What company doesn’t want the most recent, up to date information on their customers? Infoconnect can help your company gain access to transactional and personal information on your customers and integrate it into your own POS system. Retail companies can strive from our services because they great customer relationships. Wouldn’t you want to make your customers shopping experience memorable by offering them a discount birthday coupon because you are able to see their birthday is approaching? Couponing is the perfect way to personalize an experience for your customers. Complete a simple and quick customer look up in your POS by entering the customer’s last name. Infoconnect will match the last name to information from your system and our databases. You will be able to see personal transactional information on your customer and information such as recent address, etc. Say your customer has spent more than $1,000 and you want to reward them for being a frequent customer, you can issue them a coupon right away. The information provided on the POS will also allow you to see recent purchases and preferred sizes and style.
Are you a hotel and want to make sure that your customer’s experience is memorable? Infoconnect can hook up to your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through Master Data Management (MDM). Imagine this: A guest comes up to the reception desk to check in. You call the Infoconnect API. They guest provides you their first name and last name. The proper information is displayed for the guest. With this information you realize the guest loves golf. With this information, the hotel is able to suggest 3 different gold courses nearby including any discounts or offers that are going on. By utilizing Infoconnect, you are able to personalize your guest’s stay and make it a memorable experience.
Ever in a rush and need a quick look up solution on a customer? Infoconnect can help you with that! Do you want to have the perfect sales pitch for a potential customer that will fit all their needs? Do you want access to high quality data? Do you feel like you are missing opportunities because you don’t know how to target your customers? For example, you are a car dealership. Complete a simple and quick customer look up with their name and address. Infoconnect will return transactional and informational data for that specific person. With this information, you can determine the customer’s qualifications or if you can provide any additional services that could fit their needs. You see that your customer has 3 small children. Knowing this information, you can suggest the safest and most fuel-efficient car to get their kids to soccer practice or car pool their friends around. Infoconnect will help you personalize your customer’s experience.
There is nothing more frustrating than an incomplete packaging label. Does your business survive on the knowledge of home and business addresses? Do you need to get a package out ASAP and need the confidence that it is going to the correct address? Infoconnect offers an address verification solution using a confidence score method. Simply enter the information you have on the incomplete shipping label and Infoconnect will match that incomplete data to our database to bring you the contact that is the “best” match. These “best” matches are chosen by using a confidence score. From those matches, pick the correct address and print the shipping label. You are not ready to send off your package to the correct address with confidence.

Leveraging Infogroup Data for your business needs

According to Forbes Magazine, the Healthcare industry is a “Trillion Dollar Industry in the Making”. In this dynamic field, fast access to information is critical! With the growing number of healthcare providers, how are you standing out from your competitors? Let Infoconnect help! We work with one of the nation’s largest healthcare information networks by providing real-time patient demographic details and verification for their network of health care providers. We provide them the quality data to help pre-qualify customers for financial assistance in real-time based on Infogroup data to more than 100 locations nationwide.
The process or technique of identifying the geographical location of a person or device by means of digital information processed via the internet is known as Geolocation. According to Google Maps, it is no surprise that geolocation services are becoming more popular with people than ever before. Many companies are now adding location functions to respond to this demand and improve the services they offer their users. Infoconnect is no stranger to geolocation!

Infoconnect works with a company that has an impressive team of over 25 engineers, researchers and solutions architects that provides mapping software for big data visualization and data analytics. They use Infoconnect to add value to their core offering of geocoding and mapping/visualization of large data sets. The clients of this company send lists of addresses and get returned detailed geoposition.

Infoconnect can also add detailed B2B and B2C data rather than simply providing geolocation!
Not only does Infoconnect work with one of the nation’s largest healthcare information networks, but we also work with the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer in America! Using Infoconnect, this insurance corporation builds custom web applications that agents can use to discover potential business leads using various criteria such as SIC/NAICS, revenue, location, employee count, etc. Before they had Infoconnect, this was a manual process for them to update all of their prospect information. Now with Infoconnect, they are able to save time finding leads and spending more time providing their customers with the best service in the industry!
Infoconnect works with many different industry types every day. Looking to drive your ROI? Infoconnect can help! Infoconnect succeeds with many marketing companies to help them target the best prospects possible.

One company Infoconnect prospers with offers businesses and individuals access to a rich collection of resources related to search engine optimization, online marketing and online local business listing management.

They use Infoconnect in conjunction with 2 other Infogroup products (Express Update and Bulk Update) to provide business-listing services and to provide clients with real-time details of their client’s company records. They will show how the listing currently looks in our database to prompt the business or brand/chain to pay and update their listing.